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Your child’s study of mathematics during the Key Stage 3 years will lay the foundation for their progress thereafter. There will be increasing amounts of abstract and contextualised content, extending beyond the arithmetic and elementary geometry covered during their primary schooling.



Try some challenge questions

We are exclusively partnered with Maths Advance who specialise in creating engaging and demanding challenges for all Key Stage 3 and GCSE learners. Try these challenges.

As per the diagram, the 12-sided shape below has an exterior angle of 15𝑥, and an n-sided shape has an interior angle of 81𝑥.

Calculate the value of n.

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The individual

The potential value of private tuition can only be realised with a tutor who is flexible to the learning profile of the individual tutee. Such tutors can adapt their explanations and questioning, to effectively address misconceptions and provide challenge as appropriate.

The added value

This value can be added by our tutors precisely because of their experience, knowledge of subject pedagogy and their enthusiasm for mathematics! Our tutors can distil concepts into “that simple compound of the obvious and wonderful”. Try some challenge questions below which might spark your curiosity.

"The tutor explained concepts in a simple and easy to understand way. The questions he provided with them gave me the opportunity to apply my knowledge in unique and interesting ways, and the hints provided helped me to form links and keep the content engaging."

Kishan Z, former pupil of L9 tutor, now University of Cambridge undergraduate

"My daughter has struggled with Maths all her life but made the best progress ever when working with the L9 tutor. Thanks to him, maths is falling into place for her."

Linda B, mother of year 9 pupil

"The tutor instantly put my son at ease and helped to create an informal working relationship. He assessed his strengths and weaknesses in the first lesson and put a strategy in place to support him over the term."

Emma S, mother of year 7 pupil

What do parents and pupils say?

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