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A-Level results will be your child’s passport to university or the workplace, and represent the culmination of their entire schooling. We offer you expert tutors who are experienced in delivering this level of content, can identify and address the common misconceptions, and know how best to structure learning so that your child can realise their full potential.

A Level

Mathematics and Further Mathematics

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The challenge

A-Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics are more structured courses than their GCSE equivalents, and assume reliable prior knowledge. This often leads to focusing revision on specific content, but examinations subtly combine multiple concepts, and pose challenges that extend beyond those provided in the respective textbook exercises.

The competition

Competition will be intense with university and workplace opportunities conditional upon grades. In 2023 the proportion of pupils achieving A*/A is expected to fall from 36.4% closer to pre-pandemic levels of approximately 25%.

The route to achievement

Whilst the path ahead may be unclear, the team you turn to shouldn’t be. We appoint tutors by invite only, for the proven quality of their instruction. You want an experienced tutor for your child and we offer committed educators who will best facilitate their progression. 

"The tutor was a very approachable that made maths an interesting and entertaining subject. He was not only interested in the subject but the pupil as well. To me this was an invaluable contributor to my progression to my current position, where my maths skills and knowledge is extensively tested on a daily basis. Thank you very much."

Freddie G, graduate of Dyson Institute of Engineering and former pupil of L9 tutor

"The tutor was a great help to my son and helped to push his A level Maths grade from a D to an A!!! The tutor was always professional and reliable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Louise J, mother of a pupil taught by L9 Tutor

"L9 have tutored both our daughters for A-Level maths and the tutor was excellent. We would highly recommend them."

Susannah C, mother of two pupils taught by L9 Tutor

What do parents and pupils say?

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