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GCSE exams are a key staging post in your child’s education; whilst grades cannot be guaranteed, working with an expert tutor can. We only appoint tutors with broad knowledge of subject pedagogy, and a proven ability to build confidence and extend all learners.


Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Try some challenge questions

We are exclusively partnered with Maths Advance who specialise in creating engaging and demanding challenges for all Key Stage 3 and GCSE learners. Try these level 7, 9 and 9+ challenges.

A googol - from which the search engine Google derives its name - is the following number:

3.5 billion search queries are made on Google every day. Assuming the number of searches remains at this number, how long would it take for the number of searches made on Google to be equal to one googol?

The age of the universe is 13.7 billion years.

Give your answer as a multiple of the age of the universe!

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The competition

Your child will be one of approximately 600,000 sitting GCSE/IGCSE Mathematics. To improve their grade prospects your child will need to establish the core competencies, practise their application of knowledge, and develop the ability to negotiate unfamiliar and multi-concept challenges.

The solution

Our tutors were appointed for the proven quality of their instruction and planning. We can adapt to the learning profile of your child, and apply our subject pedagogy to optimise their progress, helping them to reach their grade potential.

"We employed a Maths tutor from L9 when our daughter narrowly failed her Maths GCSE mock exam. In the actual GCSE exam she got an A grade and we are confident that her tuition helped her achieve that."

Susannah M, mother of a GCSE pupil

"Thank you for helping my daughter prepare for her maths GCSE and for so patiently demystifying the aspects of the syllabus that she found confusing - your help definitely contributed to her gaining an A*. We have no hesitation in recommending you."

Tamsin S, mother of a GCSE pupil

"The tutor is helping my son with his GCSE Maths. He is very personable and my son really likes working with him as he explains everything well."

Eileen N, mother of a GCSE pupil

What do parents and pupils say?

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