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Specialist tuition in mathematics

For high ambitions

Expert tutors appointed by invitation only
An unparalleled level of mathematics tuition
Single-subject agency formed by teachers

Achieving your child's grade potential

At all levels of mathematics, achieving higher grades requires learners to climb a conceptual hierarchy. The effective teacher understands these learning steps and how best to facilitate your child’s development.

Tuition for all levels of 11 - 18 mathematics

GCSE Mathematics and Further Mathematics
A Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics
STEP/MAT paper and university interview preparation
KS3 Mathematics (11-14 years)

We pride ourself on enabling progress for all, including learners with a wide range of special educational needs, and in creating bespoke learning programmes for adult learners or those studying towards alternative qualifications including all levels of the International Baccalaureate.

Why choose L9 Tuition?

Our tutors are highly effective maths educators with a proven ability to help pupils maximise their potential. Through their knowledge and experience, they know how best to support pupils at each stage of the learning journey, and can adapt their approach for every individual.

Motivation is a precondition for sustained progress through the setting of SMART goals to form a personalised roadmap towards achieving your ambition.

Achieve your goals

What do you want to achieve? Set your maths goal.
Contact us for a chat or book a session.
Progress and achieve through our specialist tutoring.
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